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Federal Indian Law
Justice & Technology Practicum - Fall 2016
The Teknoids Blog
Professor Garland's Constitutional Criminal Procedure Fall 2016
Professor Garland's Blended Evidence Fall 2016
Practice & Professionalism - Fall 2016
Elmer's Development Blog
Environmental Law: Natural Resources
CALI Challenges
Testing 461
what is universal law
Law Student Guide to Free Legal Research
Charleston School of Law Library and IT Videos
Prof. Garland's Special Evidence Spring 2012
Prof. Garland Evidence Fall 2012
Crim Pro Fall 2013 Prof. Garland
Prof. Garland Evidence Fall 2013
Prof. Garland's Evidence Spring 2014
Prof. Garland Crim Pro Spring 2014
Con Crim Pro Fall 2014 Prof. Garland
Prof. Garland Evidence Spring 2015
Prof. Garland's Spring 2016 Con Crim Pro
Prof. Garland's Evidence Fall 2015
UB Law Career Services Lecture Series
CALI Marketing Outreach Archive
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