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CALI Spotlight

Twitter Updates for 2017-10-16

By scottlee
Welcome Prof. Steven Chanenson from Villanova Law as CALI's "Author of the Week"… # Loo...

Twitter Updates for 2017-10-13

By scottlee
It's not too early to start using CALI Lessons to help prepare for #lawschool finals… # Powered...

Twitter Updates for 2017-10-12

By scottlee
CALI is talking no-cost eBooks for #lawstudents under the eLangdell Press imprint at Open Education 2017. #opened17 # The "...

Twitter Updates for 2017-10-11

By scottlee
Students, staff, & professors of all CALI member schools and get unlimited, free access to over 1000 CALI Lessons t… # P...

Twitter Updates for 2017-10-10

By scottlee
RT @SRLN15: @caliorg colleague Jessica Frank publishes article citing document assembly as an #A2J tool for legal aid and courts https://t.… # Power...

CALI Lessons

Section 11 of the Securities Act: Due Diligence and Other Defenses

By Samuel Goshorn
This is one of two lessons on section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933, which imposes liability for false or misleading registration statement...

Section 11 of the Securities Act: Basic Requirements

By Samuel Goshorn
This lesson is one of two lessons on section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933, which imposes liability for false or misleading registration st...

Oregon Legal Research

By Samuel Goshorn
This lesson provides an introduction into Oregon legal research sources and methods. Using a hypothetical about recreational marijuana, the le...

Intestacy and Descendants

By Samuel Goshorn
This lesson is designed to introduce students to three different ways that "representation" can be defined under the intestacy system. The thr...

Purchase Options: Their Uses in Real Estate Transactions

By Samuel Goshorn
This is the first of two advanced lessons on real estate purchase options. In so doing, the lesson covers their contract nature of options and...

Classcaster Help

How do I use Microsoft Word to post to my Classcaster blog?

By Elmer Masters
Here are 10 steps you to follow to setup Microsoft Word 2010 so you can use it to post to your Classcaster blog. Once setup, Word 2010 can be used to ...

Introducing Classcaster 2.0, 6/2010

By CALI Admin
This is Elmer’s Classcaster presentation at the 2010 CALI Conference for Law School Computing....

How do I create a static home page for my Classcaster blog?

By CALI Admin
Creating a virtual static front page does not require editing or coding of files or templates. Using the default configuration for a “static fro...

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