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Audio FAQ: Deleting categories from your Classcaster blog.

Q: How do I delete categories from my Classcaster blog? A: It’s easy to delete categories from your blog using the Classcaster admin interface, but you do need to be careful that no posts are still associated with the categories. This includes posts that are marked as deleted. Listen below for the details. Click here […]

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Classcaster Goes Live!

Here is an official announcement of the availability of Classcaster! I’ve spent some time today getting the word out, and realized I hadn’t added anything to Classcaster News, so this is it. In a nutshell, Classcaster is a blogging system with podcasting built-in. The Classcaster system is designed to be provide course-related blogs with integrated […]

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Hotdiggityblog – a public Classcaster blog

I’ve set up a public blog named Hotdiggityblog where you can try out the podcasting features of Classcaster using any old phone. Listen below for more details. Click here to download the ClassCasteraudio. Play It Now!

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Audio FAQ: Subscribing to your Classcaster podcasts in iTunes.

Question: How do I or my students subscribe to my Classcaster podcasts with iTunes? Answer: You can add your Classcaster podcasts to iTunes by selecting ‘Advanced’, ‘Subscribe to Podcasts’ from the iTunes menu and entering the address of your blog’s RSS 2.0 feed. For more details listen to the podcast below. Click here to download […]

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A little about ‘Play It Now’

Yes Paul, the ‘Play It Now’ feature is only active after you open the item it is embedded in in a web page. ‘Play It Now’ is actually a small Flash audio player object and while you can see it in the editior, it will not play from the editor. If you want to try […]

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Audio FAQ: Deleting posts from your Classcaster blog.

Question: How do I delete posts from my Classcaster Blog? Answer: Go to the blog’s dashboard, click to enter the adminarea. This should open the ‘New Post’ page. Select the ‘Posts’ tab toget a listing of posts. Make sure the ‘Show by’ ‘Date’ box is set to’All’, click ‘Show’ if necessary. Now you should see […]

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Launching Classcaster News

I’ve renamed TopBlog to ‘Classcaster News‘ to reflect its new role at I will use this blog to announce what’s new and exciting with Classcaster, answer questions from the Classcaster community, and highlight the work being done with Classcaster blogs. These posts will include the occasional podcast:) If you want to stay up to […]

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Testing for length of podcast

OK, holiday weekend is over. Seems that the problem with posting long MP3s was in PHP after all, specifially in the ini setting that sets the max amount of memory a script can consume. With Base64 encoding, you need a lot. Anyway, this post runs on for over 17 minutes and was recording using a […]

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Play It Now! ready right now

This is the official launch of this particular new feature. ‘Play It Now!’ uses an embedded Flash player to play the MP3 directly from the website. Along with download capability and RSS2 feed with enclosures, ‘Play It Now!’ gives the author and the reader maximum flexibility in accessing podcasts on Classcaster. If you want to […]

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Testing the Play It Now! feature.

Update: It worked! So, now you call up, record, save and the MP3 is playable from the site, downloadable, and included in an RSS2 feed for podcasting. Nice:) If this worked right, there should be an embedded Flash object that will play the MP3. Click here to download the ClassCasteraudio. Play it Now!

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