Posted on October 24, 2005 2:55 pm

New Classcaster Features: Password Protected Blogs and Anti-Spam Protection for Comments

We are excited to announce 2 new features that are available right now on Classcaster.

First, to address issues arising when faculty want to limit access to their blog to only their students, I have installed the ‘Secret Blog’ plugin. By using this plugin, Classcaster blog owners can restrict public access to their blog, allowing only those with the password to read the blog and download podcasts and other documents. This feature is activated from your blog’s ‘Control Center‘, by clicking on the ‘Secret Blog‘ link under the ‘Security Plugins‘ heading. Please note that setting a password for a blog causes the blog’s RSS feeds to stop functioning properly.

The second new feature is a basic tool for helping eliminate comment spam from your blog called AuthImage. Comment spam is typically some annoying message left by an automated program that tries to direct you to a some website. AuthImage requires that the poster of a comment on your blog actually be a human being by requiring that the author of the comment copy a random number shown in a graphic into a box on the comment form. Automated attempts to post comments to posts on your blog will fail. Like ‘Secret Blog’, ‘AuthImage‘ is managed from the ‘Control Center‘ page of your blog’s admin area by clicking on ‘AuthImage‘ under the ‘Anti-Spam Management‘ heading.

If you have an questions or concerns or suggestions, please send an email to

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